Corporate Trainings

Corporate Training Services

Samhitha specializes in serving the corporate sector as a consultant and process delivery specialist supporting the implementation of effective organizational motivation, change and renewal.

We offer a variety of programs covering Corporate Training Programs, Campus to Corporate Programs, and Student Development Programs.

Our approach to creating valuable programs here is a product of studying the most effective training methods. We aim to deliver uniformly world-class products that people love. Because we believe in consistent excellence, every one of our programs here are designed to be:

  • EFFECTIVE - They do what they say they will do.
  • MEMORABLE - Because of our uncommon experiential approach, people vividly recall our training programs.
  • FUN - As a rule, people are more receptive to training that is entertaining and enjoyable. Corporate Explorer Training programs are filled with unexpected stimulations, activities and interaction

Meeting and discussing training needs

  • Helping clients to understand and map learning and development needs
  • Preparing concept notes and proposals

Training and Development

Accomplished management career reflects experience in human resources management, resource utilization, and organizational development for highly decentralized organizations. Have conducted workshops across industries and levels of management. A few key areas of work are:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills & Motivational skills
  • Management skills & Organizational behavior
  • Team building and Team Bonding Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Grooming and Personality Development
  • Creative Thinking
  • Interviewing Skills, Group Discussion,CV Writing.
  • Soft skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Spoken English
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Self Esteem and Confidence Building
  • E-mail Writing Skills
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Stress Management
  • Developing positive attitude
  • Change Management
  • Global Accent
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Attitude
  • International Business Etiquettes
  • Tellephone Etiquettes
  • Basic Etiquettes and Grooming
  • E-mail Etiquettes
  • Hospitality Technicals
  • Appraisal Management
  • Image Makeover
  • Corporate Dressing and Grooming
  • Train The Trainer
  • Management Development Program
  • Presentation Skills
  • Developing lasting Relationships
  • Planning to Organize‚Ķ.Oraganizing to Plan
  • Leading by the Geeta Philosophy
  • Spiritual search
  • Health Management
  • The Effective Seller
  • Enhancing Selling Skills
  • Ensuring Customer Delight
  • Dealing With Customers6
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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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