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“Today, IT Executives within organizations look for improvements in areas such as infrastructure services, application development maintenance of legacy applications and others. Samhitha being an IT services provider to Fortune class organizations across the globe has a dedicated Quality Consulting Group which sharply focuses on enhancing the quality framework of client organizations by aligning the people, process and technology with business objectives.

Being competent in ISO/ CMMI quality models, and having been exposed to different cultures of the client organizations across the globe, this group can bring many value adds to your organization; value adds that result in marked improvement in quality processes, enhanced productivity and reduction in cycle time of processes until the final delivery”.

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Outsourcing: Optimize Performance with Flexible Engagement Options

Samhitha has been providing quality outsourcing services to clients across diverse industries for decades. Our experience and global capabilities in the outsourcing of your business applications and processes offer high returns on your IT investment.

We can help you transform your business by optimizing your operational capabilities, thus making them cheaper and faster, and endowing you with competitive advantage over your rivals. At the same time, we leverage our association with industry leaders to introduce smart innovations to your project.

Our outsourcing centers in India employ highly experienced software development teams to provide services on a global delivery platform. We use integrated methodologies, and the latest tools, technologies and processes with stringent quality controls and rapidly scalable 24x7 capabilities to help you achieve better results in less time.

  • Engagement Models –  We tailor the engagement to your business requirements and offer a variety of options – onsite, offsite and offshore – in flexible combinations.
  • Global Delivery –  Our effective use of well-coordinated world resources, including two state-of-the-art offshore development centers, provides maximum value to our clients.
  • Process Excellence –  We help you improve your IT processes and achieve productivity improvements well beyond existing levels.
  • Talent Management –  We recruit and thoroughly screen consultants and build strong, on-going relationships with them to ensure the best resources are always available to you.

Samhitha has the tools and expertise to revitalize your business and its processes – providing rapid, sustainable value while giving your business the agility it needs to grow and thrive.

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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