Company Profile

Samhitha provides solutions that are innovative and add the definitive technological edge to our client's business processes. We have a strong base over 5 locations spread across the globe like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Houston . We ensure value-added service in every client engagement. Our business model is supported by a strong foundation towards commitment and quality.

High performance combined with six sigma standards at every step in the SDLC process is an added advantage for all clients who have placed their confidence on us. Our solutions focus on leveraging the latest technologies in innovative ways which boost your bottom line and ensure that your products and services redefine the way the industry functions.

Samhitha’s core strength is focused in developing itself in various segments by providing services in Health Care, ITES / IT, Medical transcription, billing coding, Finance ,Banking , CRM, E-Learning and various other related client requirements. This has helped us develop a strong client portfolio, which includes some of the best-known names in the industry.

Our Principles

Our mission is to provide high quality and cost-effective custom software development solutions to address specific requirements and demands of global and local clients in a timely manner. Our business philosophy is based on the agile management process geared towards achieving a better and satisfactory customer relationship.

We aspire for a society where every organization has its own active web presence. By helping businesses with their IT development process, we aim to continuously provide functional and deliver excellent services.

We envision a smarter and highly efficient future for businesses and end-consumers where web technology serves as a vital tool for knowledge and empowerment.

We look forward to be at the forefront of providing innovative, professional, client-friendly and cost-effective web and IT solutions and services.

Why Choose Us

People. We value our people. We recognize their worth and empower them to be at their best at all times.

Relationship. We believe in good relationship. We achieve such through trust and respect.

Culture. We believe in the golden rule to serve and treat others the way we want others to serve and treat us.

Synergy. We believe that working together produces a total output greater than the sum of an individual output.

Empowerment. We empower our people to overcome fear because we believe that each individual is powerful beyond measure.

Commitment. We demonstrate our commitment to the company and our clients by being pro-active, maintaining a focused interest in our jobs, and taking accountability and pride in our work every day.

Company profile

As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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