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Samhitha CoEs (Centers of Excellence) are focused on staying abreast of the latest innovations and developments in specialized technology areas. The CoEs are involved in R&D and constant skill updation of CoE experts in cutting-edge technologies.

Samhitha CoEs bring special expertise in strategic technologies spanning Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (Saas), Mobility, Enterprise 2.0 (Portals), Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing (BI/DW) & User Experience (UX). Samhitha CoEs are a powerhouse of knowledge and best practices gained from working on multiple products in various technologies and industries. The CoEs comprise of specialists with deep technology and domain expertise.

  • SOA CoE:  Samhitha SOA CoE is dedicated to building competencies on multiple SOA platforms. Samhitha focuses on developing client-specific SOA Architecture with a supporting SOA Maturity Model, based on careful assessment, technology trends and clear understanding of the unique business challenges, to enable the client to achieve the maximum business values of SOA. Samhitha’ proven SOA model has helped many global organizations to establish a flexible organization.
  • SaaS CoE:  Our expertise in SaaS platforms and components along with our advanced custom software development practices is the back-bone of SaaS CoE. Samhitha’ “SaaSFormation” Methodology and our rich experience and expertise in SaaS-specific inventory of tools, techniques and design patterns has enabled us to provide high-quality SaaS enablement services to our clients consistently.
  • Mobility CoE:  Having deep expertise in developing mobile applications across a broad array of platforms and handsets, Samhitha Mobility CoE specializes building end-to-end mobility solutions. Samhitha offers complete mobility solutions for the development and optimization of mobile applications across leading platforms – right from development of applications to testing services.
  • Enterprise 2.0 CoE:  Samhitha Enterprise 2.0 CoE focuses on helping companies realize the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 Portals by enhancing user experience by simple, customizable web based applications based on Web 2.0 principles. The CoE has extensive experience and deep expertise in the various technologies of Enterprise 2.0 gained through successful implementation of Enterprise 2.0 portals for our customers.
  • BI/DW CoE:  Samhitha DW/BI CoE help ascertain future challenges and changes in the domain, and build internal competency and design solutions for your enterprise. Samhitha delivers BI/DW and Reporting Services solutions to customers across the globe, working towards the implementation of Business Intelligence technology in support of its clients worldwide. Samhitha has expertise in Business Objects, Data Stage, Informatica, Microsoft, SAP BW, Cognos, DB2, Oracle and MicroStrategy technology platforms.
  • User Experience (UX) CoE:  The Samhitha User Experience CoE focuses on end-to-end UI, by designing high performance interfaces. The CoE always designs error-free end-user centered design process, which guarantees significant impact on your product success and tangible Return on Investment (RoI). We design low-fidelity and high fidelity prototypes, consulting, we reengineer Proofs-of-Concept for existing application to demonstrate increase in RoI, do usability-testing and develop interaction, visual, and information standards for clients.
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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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As the founder and General manager of Samhitha is responsible for the

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